Armageddon - Future Combat Arena pre-alpha demo

Armageddon - FutureCombatArena

Island12 pre-alpha demo

Version 0.0.65 has new textures for terrain and new sea shader.

This is a "pre-alpha" demo: an huge (25kmq) open map, single mission, 4 heroes, ground troops and air forces.
(Windows 7 64 bits, standalone build, 4G ram, mid range gaming video card (GTX 950), 2G video ram.)


DEMO2, alpha tech demo: Outside the Alien Base

1) Use FullHD (1920x1080) screen resolution to get best quality,
2) a lot of bugs still in game !
3) If you have a Nvidia GTX video card please upgrade driver to 388.00 version (october 23, 2017)

Top bar is the human base status bar:
Yellow bar shows available energy (build power plants to produce it)
Blue bar shows available minerals (to increase it build airport and defend harvester)
Red bar shows stored Lorethiun.

You can watch the two humanpedia videos

Human troops:

Human buildings

Commander George Aldrin

ESC - Skips intro.

1 - select hero Commander George Aldrin
2 - select hero Captain Amanda Fox
3 - select Mech
4 - select armored Car
5 - Human base camera
6 - Lorethium mining zone camera
7 - Mining zone camera
0 - Map camera

W: forward
E: run (heroes)
S - back
M - drop mines (car)
A- strafe left (heroes)
D- strafe right (heroes)
Q-shield on/off (Commander Aldrin)
R-roll (heroes)
B- brake (car)
TAB-switch weapon/camera

LEFT SHIFT shows mouse pointer in first person view
LEFT SHIFT shows mouse pointer in MAP view to draw selecting rectangle.

F-shows framerate at top left of the screen.

ALT-F4 exits game

Mouse left click: fire, mech is equipped with autofire.(aim target).
Mouse right click: unit info,
Mouse right hold down: camera rotate (moving mouse).,
Mouse weel: slow moving or camera zoom.

1) combat troops: soldiers, mechs, shuttlles, nukes
2) support troops; medic, repair, rocket refill, bullets refill
3) Order: Moveto, Defend, Medic, Hold (select units, then click on map location)

You need energy (yellow bar) to deploy units.
You need minerals (blu bar) to build units
You need energy and minerals to build buildings.
Defend harverster to collect minerals
Defend Astra cargo (it needs airport) to transport minerals to base
Goal of match is to collect Lorethium. (fitfull red bar).

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