+Fire, a vintage arcade game

In +Fire, the player move his ship and shoot left, right, up, and down among an array of blocks, avoiding incoming fire and dispatching enemies. The playing area consists of 42 blocks (7 rows by 6 columns), through which there are six vertical alleys, five horizontal alleys, and 30 intersections. The player can move and fire in any direction, but can only stop in intersections.
Within four blocks near the middle of the playing area are four stars, bonus items. Capturing the bonus items grants 100, 200, 400 and 800 points.
The player can fire only a limited number of shots before having to reload.
Play begins with three ships; an extra one is awarded every 2,000 points. The game ends when the player is out of ships; if the player never runs out of ships, the game will continue indefinitely.

WEBGL version


If players like it, i'll develop furher ...


+Fire, vintage arcade tribute to CrossFire